Frequent Questions

Do you provide alcohol?

- We do not have a liquor license to sell alcohol but we can arrange for pick-up of your order for a delivery fee. We can also offer suggestions on how much to purchase.


Do you have liquor liability insurance?

- Yes, we can provide you with a certificate of insurance once you book our services.  In addition, we have the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.


Do your bartenders monitor for underage?

- Yes, by MN state laws we are not allowed to serve any alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21.  Please let your guests know to be prepared with identification.


Are your bartenders TIPS certified?

- Yes, each of our bartenders must take this course to be a bartender with our company.


How early do you arrive to set-up?

- We arrive one hour early for a full bar set-up and 30 minutes early for just the bartender.


What do the bartenders wear to my event?

- We dress in all black but can adjust our attire to your event needs.


What about Gratuity?

 Gratuity is not included in our pricing but can be handled in several ways. We can use a discreet tip jar which is generally acceptable for weddings and festivals. We can add an amount to your invoice which is generally preferred for smaller gatherings and corporate events.


Why do your beverage packages not allow shots?

 - Over the years we have found that 99% of all problems (fights/arguments, vomiting, property damage, DUI, running out of booze) is attributed to the small handful of guests that want to do, and coerce others into doing, shots. This measure also helps ensure that liquor laws pertaining to the service of alcohol to intoxicated persons is followed and that we do not run low on supplies. Take our word for it 99% of the guests will not miss it. 


 I'm thinking about a portable bar why do I need one?

Portable bars are a nice touch. They look nice, lend an air of sophistication/professionalism, and increase the Bartenders efficiency. The bars are mobile so you can alter they layout of your event from the cocktail hour to the reception for instance. They look nicer in photographs (weddings) instead of using a plastic table. The bars that we have available for just $75 (includes delivery) rent from other companies for $100 + $25 for a linen + tax + delivery. If you get one of our beverage packages you get 1 bar rental included in the price!


Why would I do a full service beverage package?

Convenience and Value. In addition to the free Portable Bar (see above) and a 20% discount on labor the packages also include cups, ice, garnishes, mixers, soft drinks.  Most do-it-yourself clients tell us afterwards that it was actually a lot more work than they thought and that next time they are just going to pay us to bring everything.


What about a champagne toast for our wedding?

Great idea, although becoming very common to skip the champagne toast and have guests simply "raise their glass" of whatever beverage they are already enjoying.  We can provide the plastic cups as part of our beverage package for an additional $1.00/guest or we can serve whatever you provide in whatever serving vessel you provide. Think about how/when/where you want the champagne to be poured. It is labor intensive and will take the Bartender away from their duties behind the bar and it takes multiple people to pour at the table. 


How many beers are in a keg? 

- Keg Specifications for U.S. 1/2 Barrel (15.5 gallon Standard Keg):

165 (12 oz) servings which equals 6.8 cases

124 pint (16 oz) servings



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